This is group 4 we are Melani, Miriam and Angela, from Spain and Betka and Leila from Slovenia.


Hello!!! My name is Melani. I'm live in Andalusia (Granada) in Spain. I am 13 years old. my favorite hobby is to ride,with friends and sing. My favorite animal is the dog ,the bird and horses. I 'am tall and slim, eyes brown, hair chestnut . My best friends are : Koraima, Rosa , Nely , Yolanda, María, Miriam, Mª Isabel, Alba.

Hello!!! My name is Miriam. I'm live in Andalusia , Granada . I'm 13 years old. My eyes are blue and hair are brown. My favorite animals is birds.

Hello!!! My name's Angela. I'm 12 years old. I'm from Granada in Spain. I love hang out with friends. I like dancing and singing.My favourites sports are swimming and volleyball. My favorite actor is Maxi Iglesias. My hobbies are to use computer and to see Fama. My eyes are brown and I have got curly hair. My favourite animal is dolphin.My favourites subjects are ART and P.E My favorites teachers are Cesar and Jenny.

Hello! My name is Betka! I live in Preddvor, Slovenia. I'm 12. My favourite hobby is playing computer games. My favourite animal is a bunny. I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters. My best friends are: Leila, Tamara and Klavdija.

Hello! My name is Leila. My surname is Roblek. I live in Bašelj. I have one brother. I am 12 years old. My favorite hobby is football. My favorite animal is a horse. My best friends are: Tamara, Klavdija, Betka, Evita and Melisa.

Here's a photo of us:


We would like to know more about your hobbies:

Questions from the Slovenian students to the Spanish ones:

  • What is your favourite colour ?

  • Our favourite colour is red

  • Do you like school ?

  • Yes, we do

  • Do you have any animals at home?

  • We have dogs and birds

  • What is your favourite food ?

  • Our favourite food is crumbs "migas"

  • What are you afraid of ?

  • A lot things

  • Do you like rollerblading ?

  • Yes, we do

  • Do you like playing basketball ?

  • No, we don't

  • What do you do in your free time ?

  • Playing computer

Questions from the Spanish students to the Slovenian ones:

What is your favourite CD?

Leila and Betka: English songs

  • What is your favourite DVD?

  • Taxi 4

  • Who is your favourite actor/actress?

  • John Rambo, James Bond

  • What is your favourite TV programme?

  • "A si ti tut not padu"

  • What is your favourite snack?

  • Pizza

  • What is your favourite object in your house?

  • Playing computer games

  • What is your favourite colour?

  • Black and blue.