We wrote some love poems
for ST. Valentine.

We use this page to create the poems

Read some of them:


I love you,
I want to kiss you,
I want to be with you!
I'm going crazy,
Because I love you!
Your lips are sweet
and your eyes are beautiful like rose!
When I’m with you,
I feel like I’m dreaming.
I need you!
I’m enjoying when I’m with you!
I love you!

Ana & Mojca
You and me

I love you,
you love me,
1, 2, 3,
please, kiss me!!
I miss
your very big kiss!!!
I love flower,
I love dog
but I dream
in you!!!

Betka and Leila

I like you.
I like when you
smile at me.
You’re like a sun
on a sunny day.
You’re beautiful
like a rose in a garden.

Jan R. and Domen

It's a fantastic day for Valentine.
Flowers are as red as heart
and you are happy.
You have beautiful eyes
And beautiful smile.

Jan S. and Matija
Love party

I love you,
you love me!
You are so sweet,
and I kiss you.
Let’s go to the party,
and sing a song
tonight I fill great
because you are beautiful.

Eva and Neza
Love poem

I love you!
I will give you my heart!
You are my fantasy!
I live for you!
You are love poison for me!
Your kisses are sweet!
I sing you a song about love!
You are my sunshine!
I enjoy at every moment at you!

David and Grega

I love you.
Your eyes are nice
and your smile is yery beautiful.
You kiss my lips.
I love you forever.
Every night is romantic.
I always think of you.
In my dreams there is you.
I said I love you,
because this is true.

Klavdija and Tamara

I like your smile,
I want to look at it all the time.
I miss you,
I want to kiss you!
At night
you are my moon,
during the day
you are my sun.
I write this song,
and I hope you’ll love me long.
My heart is red,
please, don’t forget.

Tanja and Patricija
I love your eyes.
I like your kiss.
My heart is crazy for you.
Your kisses are romantics.
You live in my head.
Your hair is beautiful.
Your smile is sweet.
Your passion is true.
I am crazy for you.

Alba Gema and Anabel
= ====PROMISE OF LOVE. ====

You are my promise of love

because I love you forever.

You are the red flower of my heart

because I need you to smile,

and know that I am living.

I dream that you kiss me,

down the moon in the night.

We are the star that shine in the sky.

Mariana, Koraima and Rosa

San Valentine Day
poemè You are my delicious
You are my flowers
You are more beautiful
than the sun
You are the youngest star
in the night
I like your eyes
I love your mouth and hands
We are true lovers
I am your king
I love you

Adrian and Francisco

Poem of love
You are beautiful and I love you.
My heart beat thanks to you.
You are star for me.
Your kisses are fantasy for my.
You are romantic, delicious and nice.
Your eyes protect me in my dream.
Your hair is brown passion.

Melani and Miriam

You are to flowers in spring
are to kiss of passion
you are romantic
because the life with you is beautiful
are my sun and my moon
are nice, you eyes are fantastic.

Maria Isabel Pedregosa and Noelia Cervera

I love you
I like you are beautiful
Is true that love
I always think in you eyes
You like lot
You are ligh in a one day grey

hecho por: Angel, Jose Miguel y Jose Manuel.
San Valentine's day
You are the sun of the day
you are the moon of the night
you are the goddess of the sea,
you are the star in my heart.
I am crazy for you,
I need your kiss for me,
I need your mouth.

Manolos and David

San Valentine's day
I love you brown eyes,
you true look,
you kisses,
you hair,
you mouth...
I love you,
but you do not love me.

Angela and Nely
San Valentine's dayI have beautiful mouth to kiss you.
I am romantic and delicious but very crazy.
My eyes are red passion.
I like kisses.
Your mouth are romantic.
I love you.

Paco, Migue and Pirry