This is group 7 we are Adrian and Francisco Jose from Spain and Jan and Domen from Slovenia

1. Introductions

My name is Adrian Romera Romera. I'm from in Moraleda De Zafayona. I am 13 year old. My favourite sport is football. My favourite singer is Fondo Flamenco. I have got brown eyes, brown hair. I am thin and tall. My favourite team is Real Madrid.

My name is Francisco Jose Molina Sanchez. I live in Moraleda de Zafayona(Granada).I am 12 years old. I'm tall and thin.I have got brown eyes and brown hair. I have got one sister. I'm a very good student. My favorite sport is football and my favorite team is Real Madrid. My favourite singer is Porta


Hii. My name is Jan, my surname is Rakovič. I live in Slovenia (Tupaliče). I'm 12 years old. My favurite sport is soccer. My favourite clubs are Manchester, Chelsea ,Liverpool, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Wast Ham

Hello, my name is Domen Kristan. I live in Slovenia (Nova vas). I like to read books. I'm 12 years old . I have one sister. Her name is Nika. I have brown eyes and brown hair. My favourite sport is handball.


We would like to know more about your hobbies
Questions from the Slovenian to the Spanish students:
do you play football?
Yes,we do,we love football
do you play runescape??
No, we don't

when did you start handball??

Yes ,we do

do you like compjuter??
Yes, we do,we love computer
do you like real madrid??
Yes ,we do
what is you favourite club?
Real Madrid.

Questions from the Spanish to the Slovenian students:

Questions from Adrian:
What is you favourite club Domen?

Question from francisco:
do you play football ?Yes we do.
do you play tennis?No we don't.

do you play tennis table? No, we don't.

what is your favourite singer jan?
what is your favourite singer domen? My favourite group is RBD.
what is your favourite food jan?
what is your favourite food domen? I like steak and chips.
do you like psp and ps2 jan?
do you like psp and ps2 domen? Of course I do
what are your favourite games in the psp and ps2 jan ?
do you have nintendo ds? No, we don't.

Soccer and basketball.
They like volleyball less.
We and they like dog.
Table tennis.
Play computer game.
The Slovenian haven't got a nintendo ds.