Our School
Our school is called I.E.S. Manuel Cañadas. The school has about 200 students. This school has about 20 teachers. Our favourite teacher is ``Romero´´.
He is the teacher of social sciences. Our institute was founded 2 years ago. We have a gym, football playing field, basketball playing field, a computer's room
, smart boart, etc.
By: David Moya Hinojosa, José Manuel González Cebrián and Ángel Gómez Tejero.

Moraleda de Zafayona
Moraleda de Zafayona is a small town. Moraleda has three parts: Moraleda, the Cruce and the Loreto. Moraleda is 39 km from the capital in our area (Granada).
Moraleda has 4 hotels: María José, Garballo, Cruce and Paraiso. Moraleda is a beautiful place.
Density:57,32 hab/km²
Population:3058 hab (2006)
Major:Carolina Fraguas
By: David Moya Hinojosa, José Manuel González Cebrián and Ángel Gómez Tejero.

Granada is a touristic city and it is only 35 kilometres from Moraleda de Zafayona. The university is also very important in Granada, there are about 70,000 unversity students. An important monument of Granada is The Alhambra.
The city more important areas are: the Zaidín, the Albaizin , the Sacromonte, the Realejo, the Chana, the Almanjayar and the Cartuja. The official language is Spanish.
POPULATION: 236.988 people
DENSITY: 2.692,43 hab/km
AREA: 2.150,40km²

These are pictures from the Alhambra and from the Cathedral.
By: Melani Palacio, Noelia Cervera, Alba Navarro and Mª Isabel Pedregosa


Madrid is a nice city. It has got many important monuments like La puerta de Alcalá or La Cibeles. Madrid is the capital of Spain. Many people visit Madrid in one year. It is very interesting and It is in the centre of Spain.

POPULATION: 3.213.271 hab.
AREA: 607 km²
DENSITY: 5.293,69 hab./km²

external image Madrid_Borbones.jpg external image madrid_cibeles.jpg By: Koraima Carceles, Rosa Cuberos Fernandez y Nely Navarro Naranjo.