This is group 1 we are Manuel and Manuel from spain and Jan S. and Matija from Slovenia

Here's a photo of us: Manolo García and Manolo Arroyo

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Here is a photo of us: Jan and Matija

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I´m from is Granada, Spain. My name is Manuel. I´m 12 years old. My favorite sports are football and basketball and my favorite team is Real Madrid. I´ like dogs and lions. My favorite hobbies are play stations and tourism. My favorite singer is Porta.

My name is Manuel Arroyo Santiago. I´m from Moraleda de Zafayona, Granada,Spain. I´m 12 years. My favoritefootball is Real Madrid. My favorite hobbies are football and hunting. My favorite singer are Estopa and Porta. I like playing computer games: big game hunter 2009 and fifa 09.

Hello!!! My name is Jan. I'm 12 years old. My favourite sports are football, basketball and volleyball. I have one brother. He's 10 years old. I've got brown hair and brown eyes. I likes computer games.

Hello!!!!!!!! My name is Matija and I'm 13 years old. I have brown hair and brown eyes. I like motorbikes. I' ve got two sisters and one brother.


Questions from the Spanish students to the Slovenian students:

Jan. What are your favorite computer games???

My favovrite computer game is Need for speed and I listen to TECHNO.

Matija. what is your favorite make of motorbike?

Jan and Matija. What is your favorite singer? Jan

What's your favourite animal? My faurite animal is dog. My favourite animal is cat.
What's your favourite food? My favourit food is pizza. My favourite food is pizza.
What's your favourite team? My favourite team is Olimpija. My favourite team is Olimpija.
Do you like hunting? Yes I do. Yes I do.
Have you got a football team in your city? No No.
Do you like golf? No No.
Do you like the country? Yes Yes.

Have you got any brothers and sisters and what do you do every day when you come home from school?

Questions from the Slovenian students to the Spanish students:

We would like to know more about your hobbies ?

1. Do you like skiing ? No, we don't ski. 1.What do you do every day? we play football and playstation
2. Have you got any computer games? Need for speed, fifa 09, nba live 09 and big game hunter 09
2.Have you got any brothers and sisters? Manolo: 1 brother and I 1 SISTER
3. Have you got any pets? YES 3.Who's your favourite president? our President Jose Luis Zapatero
4. Do you like playing football? yes, we do 4.What's your favourite tv program? Manolo; the TV series Aida and me: Fisica o Quimica
5. What's your favourite book? None of them
6. What's your favourite film? Troya for both of us 6.Who's your fauourite teacher? Romero and Miss Perez
7. Do you play basketball? Yes to both of us 7.Do you like school? ¡¡¡¡¡ NOOOOOOO¡¡¡¡


we are similar in that our favorite animal is dog.

we are similar in that we like hunting.

we are similar in that we like country is their own country.

we are similar in that we like don't like maths.


we are different in that their favorite sport is volleyball.

we are different in that their favorite hobbie is golf .

we are different in that their favorite singer is Miley Cyrus.